Skid Kids - Aliso swell de feu

The largest South Swell of the year provided the best waves that professional skimboarders have seen all summer long. Austin Keen, Blair Conklin, Brandon Sears and friends all gather on the slopes of Aliso Beach for a show you will not want to miss! Big thank you to our friend Billy or @billboards_ on instagram for making a 1/10th model of my favorite skimboard to date. Thank you Billy!

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Skid Kids - Cap Ferret 2022

Quand Alf et Pépino trimballent Blair le chevelu sur le liner le plus célèbre de France!

Join us on our Pools, Ponds and Peaks tour with Reef! In this episode we visit City Wave in Madrid and extend our trip in France to score one of the best waves for skimboarding in Europe. Filmed and Edited by @skyrar

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Internacional SKIMBOARD - Ocean Spirit 2022

INTERNACIONAL #SKIMBOARD es uno de los campeonatos más importantes de EUROPA, pertenece al Festival OCEAN SPIRIT y se realiza en la playa de SANTA CRUZ en #portugal🇵🇹▶️ El skimboard español cada vez esta creciendo más después de varios años sin eventos aqui por fin vuelve el OCEAN SPIRIT, esperemos que sigan creando este tipo de eventos en el futuro para que continue la divulgación del #skimboarding Espero que os guste el video y nos vemos en siguientes CHAO CHAO CHAO 🏆 FELICIDADES a los Ganadores ➡️ 🥇Javi Sola 🥇Isabel Blanco🏆Hugo Santos

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UST 2022 - OBX


Fink and Kiernan Grab Victory in OBX, NC - United Skim Tour

Lucas Fink Backside Turn | Photo: Maggie Fernandez (IG) Lucas Fink of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil won the professional Men's division, and Casey Kiernan of Stuart, FL won the professional Women's division at the 2022 OBX SkimJam skimboarding competition on July 16th and 17th at Jennette's Pier in Nags Head, NC.



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Skimboarding WEDGE on big HIGH TIDE - July 2022

Surfing and skimboarding the Wedge at the start of summer 2022. World Champion Skimboarder Lucas Fink along with Chad Wadsworth trade off shredding skims while surfers and bodyboarders go shorebreak warrior mode. Then a little in water POV coverage and finally a few bonus clips of Kalani and Scott Shimoda getting loose on 54 Specials!

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UST 2022 lands in Spain



UST - Campeonato Internacional de Skimboard creado en el Sur de España, Faro Trafalgar 📌10 / 11 SEPTIEMBRE 2022 

All details HERE


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Skim Tour France 2022 - étape 1



L'association Skim'Evolution , la Ligue de Surf Nouvelle-Aquitaine etla Fédération Française de Surf organisent la 3ème étape de la Coupede France de Skimboard. Cette dernière étape aura lieu sur la plaged'Ilbarritz à Bidart les 14 et 15 Mai prochain. Vous devez vous inscrire avant le 12 Mai 2022 en envoyant un mail àskimevolution@gmail.com ou par téléphone.



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Skid Kids avec Adrian Raza

@Adrien Raza Visits California and we take him to the heaviest skimboarding wave around, The Wedge. As a 4X European Flatland Skimboarder, he had never experienced riding waves like these. With that being said, he is also not one to hold back when given the opportunity to charge. We learned that on day 1 when he started running for the set of the day with no look of hesitation in his eyes. Be sure to check out his channel for a totally different style of skimboarding.

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Skim Tour France 2022



Compétitions nationales 1ère étape de la Coupe de France Date : 14 et 15 Mai 2022 Lieu : Bidart (Pyrénées-Atlantique / 64) Club organisateur : Skim'Evolution 2nde étape de la Coupe de FranceDate : 4 et 5 Juin 2022 Lieu : Saint-Nazaire (Loire-Atlantique / 44) Club organisateur : Mauna Kéa


Calendrier des compétitions saison 2022

Compétitions nationales

1ère étape de la Coupe de France
Date : 14 et 15 Mai 2022
Lieu : Bidart (Pyrénées-Atlantique / 64)
Club organisateur : Skim’Evolution

2nde étape de la Coupe de France
Date : 4 et 5 Juin 2022
Lieu : Saint-Nazaire (Loire-Atlantique / 44)
Club organisateur : Mauna Kéa Skim Club / LA Glisse

3ème étape de la Coupe de France
Date : 8 et 9 Octobre 2022
Lieu : Oléron ( Charente-Maritime / 17)
Club organisateur :  Mauna Kéa Skim Club

Championnats de France
Date : Fin octobre 2022
Lieu : ? (? / ?)
Club organisateur : Mauna Kéa Skim Club / Skim’Evolution
et la FFS

Compétitions Internationales (Championnats d’Europe)

Contest ESL Europe – France
Date : 23 / 24 et 25 Septembre 2022
Lieu : La Tranche sur Mer (Vendée / 85)
Club organisateur : Mauna Kéa Skim Club

Contest ESL Europe – Portugal
Date : ?
Lieu : Santa Cruz
Club organisateur : FPSurf


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UST 2022 - Calendar



The tour is returning in full force in 2022. We have six stops for the men and three stops for the women.
The TAC Skimblast in Santa Cruz has been re-added to the tour after two-year hiatus. Riders then have two east coast events, the OBX Skim Jam in NC and the Zap Championships in DE. The tour then returns to the west coast for the Vic West in the mecca of skimboarding, Laguna Beach, CA. After that, the tour is going international for the first time since 2017 where riders will flock to Spain for the Intrafalgar Contest held near Cadiz Spain. Finally, the tour will conclude in Newport Beach at Oktoberfest where we will crown the men’s and women’s UST champions.
Let’s get the word out and make 2022 a big one for the UST.


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