SKIM THE WORLD : Olivier Harrault


heytor Torres batardubreak



WHO: Olivier Harrault

Nickname: Groovy

Age: 42

Homespot: Cap-Ferret



Sponsor: No one but I can accept support for my next "apéro party" or for my next projects ;) 


credit Rems

How, when and where did you start skimboarding?

I started skimboarding when I was sixteen! I was at the beach with my father and I saw a skimboarder sliding along the shore and riding waves (just imagine what skimboarding looked like in 1990 in France…). I felt in love with the sport ! It is as simple as that! 

Collector - When Olivier was riding for legendary French brand EDEN. Check out his little 90's moustach.
Credit : Batardubreak


Who’s your skimcrew?

Old guys but no one can walk anymore :)

Olivier between young Alex Marette and old gen star Hervé Ledoux

Favorites spots:

Hossegor, Cap ferret, some beaches in Portugal and Laguna Beach ! 

Axel Cristol at Cap Ferret -  credit Groovy

Alex Marette at Hossegor - credit Groovy


Why Cap Ferret? Because why not! credit Groovy

Could you tell us more on your local skim scene?

Do I really have to present Cap Ferret ? Cap Ferret has been for years one of the best spots in France …. at least to me ! We were a crew of twenty skimboarders maybe more sometimes … The beach was ours, this wave was so crazy. Now the beach is closed so when I want to shoot Axel Cristol we have to move on other beaches ! There are plenty of good spots on the French coast : La Courance, Biarritz, Hossegor, La Tranche, Saint Jean de Luz and San Sebastian at the Spanish border.

Olivier still on tracks at Cap Ferret

Olivier down the line



If I say “skimquest”, what does it mean to you?
One of the first skim video I’ve seen ! The first one was  « Skim it » I still can’t forget it. It was recorded on an old VHS and I watched it so many times that the magnetic tape broke. It was so hard to find skim videos back then...



Who is/are your Skim idol(s) and why?

Chris Henderson, Nick Hernandez, Tex haines, Bill and Georges Bryan, Kanai Sharsh, Paulo Prietto, Aaron Peluso, Steve Taylor … All those legends made the sport as we know it! They have built our history! Nowadays, I’m a big big fan of Axel Cristol, Blair Conklin, Brad Domke and Johnny Weber … Those guys are simply awesome!

Olivier shooting Axel kissing the Cap Ferret green room - credit Groovy


What is your best skim memory?

I personally have two best memories. The first one is obviously my first trip to Laguna Beach in 1995. I broke my ankle the first day on a huge wave of 25 cm... Anyway, I spent one of the best trip of my life meeting all the legends I was dreaming about. And the second one is my trip to Cabo with my best friends in 2006. We spent one month of complete craziness. 

Olivier shooting unknown at Aliso- credit Groovy


Olivier shooting Paulo Prietto - California - credit Groovy

Where would you go to skim?

I’m waiting to go back to Laguna because I really want to shoot Blair and Johnny Weber! I also want to shoot in Spain, Portugal, Australia and New Zealand ! I’d like to shoot a skim moovie with some of the best riders in the world in those places … something in the spirit of the first video I watched « SKIM IT » almost 30 years after. I would also like to make little portraits of different riders who are mostly under the radar. They are a lot of riders out there who deserve it!


How do you imagine the future of skimboarding?

As fun as it is right now … a big family with more rippers ;) 

surf session magazine
Collector, back in the days - Olivier's interview in Surf Session French Printed Magazine - early 2000's
Credit : Batardubreak


Besides skimboarding, what do you enjoy?

Filming :) and having fun with families and friends ! 

THE DARK SIDE from Groovy Baby 

BREATHE from Groovy Baby 

SUMMER VIBES from Groovy Baby 

Feel Good from Groovy Baby 



Anybody to thanks?

My family for having supporting me when I was a kid with no car and for supporting me no matter what I wanted to do ! All my friends and all the people who inspired me every days !

Crédit REMS
In front and behind the lens


french magazine
Collector early 2000's - Olivier teaching how to skim in a French mainstream printed magazine
Credit : Batardubreak

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SKIM THE WORLD : Heytor Torres

heytor Torres batardubreak

WHO: Heytor Torres

Nickname: Ceta

Age: 22

Homespot: São Pedro do Estoril



Sponsors: Onderiva & Reflex skimboards



How, when and where did you start skimboarding?

I started skimboarding when I was living in Recife, Brazil. I remember going to the beach on the weekends and seeing about 20 guys running behind boards , that's taped me up! “How they do that?!”. Then, I was bugging my mom everyday to buy me a board. She waited till my birthday to offer me a wooden board… the best present ever! Love you mom!

30118921_1563199180395279_547871159_n (1)
Passing on the batton with the next gen

The power of love 


Who’s your skimcrew?

SPL. Barahona, Poli, Joao Luz, Millan, Afonso, etc

Local Skim crew - Sao Pedro do Estoril  

Favorite spots:

Sununga, Rata, Paço de Arcos and the one and only, São Pedro do Estoril.


Shreding Sao Pedro do Estoril



Could you tell us more on your local skim scene?

Portugal rocks!!! We have a solid community. From Espinho (North) to Lagos (South) you can find some really good skim spots and great riders. There is a unique feeling to be a skimboarder because everybody knows each other. You can spend 10 years without seeing a person that is all good. You I´ll find her sooner than ever and I pretty sure that is gonna end up with some laughs and cold beers.



Portuguese connection 


 If I say “skimquest”, what does it mean to you?

Out of your comfort zone to find some waves(?).



Who are your Skim idols and why?

There's a lot of riders who I look up to and l try to learn as much as I can from them. I have to say that Hugo Santos, Mega, Pinto and Lino took the Portuguese skim to the next level and keep teaching us everyday. Thank you guys!!!

In another dimension, Blair, Renato, Sam, Bill, Weber, Domke, AK, etc, show us the possibilities you can do on a finless board.

I also keep watching old footages from B. Rothe, B. Stevens, Paulo, Grady that makes me psyched to skim!!!

With Portuguese legend Lino Curado (Reflex skimboards)



What is your best skim memory?

My very first day at Sununga was something more than special. I remember arriving at the hotel at midnight...but I couldn’t sleep!
I was literally in a trance waiting for the sunrise. And man, when I saw the sider breaking, I couldn’t believe that I was there.
I skimmed all day long with some local legends and at the end of the day we had a bbq at Quiosque do Meio with Jacks and Carlinhos, with a unique sunset that's only Sununga can provide.

My advice to everybody...Go to Sununga, Right now! You won't regret, this place is crazy good! Amen


Sununga...what else...


Tropical fever

Sununga bus ride


Where would you go to skim?

Anywhere with some good frontside siders/liners.

Looking for the next trip...Aguram bay, Sri Lanka


How do you imagine the future of skimboarding?

Tough question! I'm not sure, because we’ve been with some ups and downs but I think that skim has so much to offer. It's crazy how skim is a mix of so many sports but still doesn’t get any attention from the media. Maybe if Blair skimms the Kelly Slater Surf Ranch pool things could change a little bit. Or not, how knows? I see skimboard going in the same direction as the skate scene, keep underground, not mainstream as surf and slowly getting more fans and skimmers. Let's see...

What you think?

Heytor's airlines 


Besides skimboarding, what do you enjoy?

Right now I'm working at Xhapeland, making skimboards with the Rskimboards crew and learning everything that I can on the surfing industry. So there's no much free time as I would like, but it's fun anyways, meeting new people and doing things that I would never thought I would be able to do.



Icing giant candy at Xhapeland



Anybody to thanks?

So many. First I want to thank you for giving me some space to talk and show some of the Portuguese scene. Feel free to visit us anytime, but I´ll definitely recommend you to come during summer time!

And I also would like to thank Estoril Praia for giving me this opportunity to represent my local team on skimboarding and treating me so well in and out of the water. Thank you. I also want to thank my friends for helping me with everything, you guys rocks!! And of course shoutout to my sponsors, Onderiva best skim shop in town & Rskimboards with the magics sticks : ) <3

Riding magic stick

The boss arrival in town... 

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SKIM THE WORLD : Julia Santos Dias

  julia vignette



WHO: Julia Santos Machim Sosa Dias

Age: 15

Homespot: Sununga          


Sponsors: Federal Art, Skim Paradise, Lets Party traction


IMG_7231 IMG_7229


How, when and where did you start skimboarding?

I started skimboarding because of the influence of my uncles. They used to practice and I fell in love with it. I was 7 years old when I first tried at Sununga beach.

Uncles connection


Who’s your skimcrew?

The monsters skimboarding at Sununga: Renato Lima, Leandro Azevedo, Jacks Rodrigues, Rodrigo( Noturno )...

 95872127_o IMG_7234 10968366_10205004962217076_3362607143354232993_n



Favorite spot:

Sununga for sure!

109545484_o 96051146_o IMG_7224


Could you tell us more on your local skim scene?

Sununga is a beach located in Ubatuba, Brazil, and it's one of the best skimboard places in the world. It's famous for its sider, that allows to ride the entire beach in one single wave! It's also famous for the beauty of the place and the kindness of the locals. Every skimboarder in the world dreams of coming to Sununga and it's my little piece of heaven! 





 If I say “skimquest”, what does it mean to you?

I dont know sorry...

eg. We will show an old VHS to Julia...



Who is your Skim idol and why?

My idol is local skimboarder Renato Lima who is considered one of the best in the world, he is a monster. I grew up seeing him do things, I thought impossible. Renato is also a really nice and friendlly guy. He is definitely my inspiration.


Sharing a wave with idol Renato Lima


What is your best skim memory?

My best memory is when I went to Angola for a contest with riders from sununga, and people from all over the world. I was invited by Kalemba Skim, a social group who organizes and helps the development of skimboard in Angola. I met so many people there and it was the best time of my life !


Angola - Kalemba vibes



Where would you go to skim?

Cabo San Lucas, the Wedge and Aliso 




How do you imagine the future of skimboarding?

I imagine that it will become a well recognised sport with lot of support. 



Besides skimboarding, what do you enjoy?

I like to surf and play soccer. My dream is to one day paragliding or hang gliding. 



Anybody to thanks?

I would like to thank my family for all the support, and also Federal art, Lets party traction and Skim Paradise for believing in my potential.


Julia rides Sununga better than you!


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portrait bruno sa


WHO: Bruno Sa

Age: 25

Homespot: Candeias, Recife - Pernambouco


Sponsors: Wavegrip, Zap Skimboard and Nitro Skates



How, when and where did you start skimboarding?

When surfing was banned at Recife because of shark' attacks, the solution was to slide with ​bodyboard on the shore. That's how I started skimboarding without knowing it.


Urban Air


Who’s your skimcrew?

My friends Tiago, Bolha and Igor.



Favorite spot:


Livin the dream at Sununga


Could you tell us more on your local skim scene?

Since we've had shark attacks, there's normally no one at the beach which make easier to skim...But sometimes there are fishermen with rods that limit our space.


 If I say “skimquest”, what does it mean to you?

ed. We will show an old VHS to Bruno...

Who is your Skim idol and why?

Blair Conklin because he flows like a feather whenever he's skimming, no one does it like him.


What is your best skim memory?

The first time I went to Sununga! I had the chance to meet some great athletes there.



29178093_1722066687832020_4927953893842747392_o 29186309_1722068394498516_508123364448010240_o



Where would you go to skim?

The Wedge and Cabo San Lucas


How do you imagine the future of skimboarding?

I imagine that becoming as important as WSL. It may take a while, but we'll get there. I believe that everything will depend on the union between skimboarders and also between skim brands.


Besides skimboarding, what do you enjoy?

I love skateboarding, surfing, playing tennis and diving.

bruno sa divingbruno sa skatebruno sa surfing


Anybody to thanks?

I would like to say thanks to all my sponsors: To Zap Skimboard for making me grow and for believing in my potential; To Wavegrip for supporting me since I started; and to Nitro Skates for helping me to perform.


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SKIM THE WORLD : Kim Jae Hyung



Who: Kim Jae Hyung

 Nickname: Frank

Age: 27

Homespot: SongJeong Beach in Busan


Sponsors : Exile skimboards, Let’s Party traction





How, when and where did you start skimboarding? 

I started skimboard in 2014. I wanted to surf but the surfboard was too big for me. So, what I found was a skimboard. 


Who’s your skimcrew?

PRINCE (JCKC) from Aliveskim. 
Aliveskim is the first skimboard shop in South Korea! We also give skim lessons.


29547475_1762872813777116_1494843503_n 17951456_1432987610098973_5741429880834214164_n
 In front of the shop

Favorite spot: 

10th Street 

Invading 10st


Could you tell us more on your local skim scene? 

In South Korea, skimboard is small. Actually, more people are learning surfing...When I started in 2014 there was only about 20 skimboarders, but now there is more than 100 riders. Korea has a great coast, but we use to have a very cold winter. I live in the Busan area and during winter the temp is around 0-5 degrees celcius.  Hopefully, the number of people coming in winter is increasing a bit. 

If I say “skimquest”, what does it mean to you?

For me, 'skimboard' is life. When I skim, I'm in another dimension, very far away from my daily job...


 life_2 life_4 life_3
Frank's dimension

Who is/are your Skim idol(s) and why?

Obviously there is a lot of good riders but if I have to name one, it would be Paulo Prietto!
I still remember when he though me to skim in Cali three years ago. What an amazing good time!

What is your best skim memory?

My two months skimtrip in Brasil! I cruised a lot with Lucas gomes, and I met many people and skimboarders. I'm very gratefull to Lucas! It was also a great honor to meet the Sununga Crew!

12345398_10153298754157636_5926785246085398669_n  29340822_1762879093776488_2107263981_n 12552751_1023505454380526_7358022201043298548_n


Where would you go to skim?

In front of my house at Songjeong Beach.

Songjeong Beach

How do you imagine the future of skimboarding?

Skimboard is a great sport and has a lot of opportunities! You can easily ride waves, flat and even indoor. It's also easy to carry. In 10 years it will be as appreciated as surfing.



Besides skimboarding, what do you enjoy/other interests?

Skateboarding and Surfskateboarding!

Anybody to thanks?

I would like to thank our ALIVESKIM TEAM who always supports us.  I wish to all skimboarders around the world to have fun and safe skimboarding! Special thanks to JEJE!!!

With Blair Conklin and Jeje 


Korean missile

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SKIM THE WORLD : Jake McIntosh


portrait Jake


Who: Jake McIntosh 

Nickname: J-man 

Age: 24

Homespot: Grange, South Australia 



 Sponsors : Throwdown skimdustries - Derevko wetsuits - Owner @ CUT//CULTURE 


29104078_10155580747408246_1306300404564230144_oJ Man and Friends

 J-Man charging + friends


How, when and where did you start skimboarding? 

I first got introduced to skimming when I would have been around 10... I grew up on the beach, everyday after school as far as i can remember I was down there with the family. One day I was down there sliding back and forth along the shore on a bodyboard and came across a bunch of older guys that were on wooden skimboards. These guys showed me the sport and had me frothing from the first slide (GSC haha) 14 years later now and not much has changed.


Who’s your skimcrew? None, I majority of the time ride solo!

nzd (1 of 1)

OZ power


Favorites spots ? Jesus this is a hard question! 

Within Australia Shatters, Batters, Butlers 

Outside of Australia: 

Solmar/ Lovers, Cabo San Lucas, MEX

Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

Aliso, Laguna beach, California 

Newest love is Spot X, New Zealand

 Australian Delight...


Could you tell us more on your local skim scene? 

My local wave and skim scene is pretty much non-existent. Our waves for majority of the time is very average. In saying this travelling 3-4 hours away from home lands you in some of the best skimboarding waves in Australia! The closest comparison to it would be Cabo minus the iguanas and cold beers you can get on the beach. The wave we have is a cold water slab. 'Shatters' being the wedge and 'Batters' being a wrap. It's super consistent. as long as the wind blows SE theres a good chance you will get waves there.


If I say “skimquest”, what does it mean to you?

Hunt for waves? Sign me up.

29133787_10155580746128246_7047950734695858176_o srilanka (1 of 1)
Trip to Sri Lanka


Who is/are your Skim idol(s) and why?

I would say my biggest idol in the skim world growing up would have to be Brad Domke hands down. Growing up with youtube as my biggest influence his style and finesse on a board always blew my mind. Of course you can't go past the OG's; Grady Archbold, George Bryan, Paulo Prietto, Brandon Sears, Bill Bryan the list goes on! 

11 (1 of 1)-2
J-Man wrapping like his idols



What is your best skim memory?

My most recent trip to New Zealand to be honest. I had no expectations and ended up getting shown a wave that has the potential of being world class.



Where would you go to skim?

I really love the idea of getting waves that have never been hit before! its always rad to see locals buzz out when they see a skimboard. So answering that question i guess anywhere with 'potential'. 

13 (1 of 1)29177311_10155580751498246_5613091002500775936_o


How do you imagine the future of skimboarding?

I hope to see skimboarding continue in the direction of where its going now. The skimboarding community is the most welcoming and best in any sport i know of. There is not many sports where you can link up with riders on the otherside of the world and get shown waves, welcomed with open arms. Competition wise it would be good to see bigger sponsors get onboard and the whole sport progress where top riders can make a good living from skimboarding.


Besides skimboarding, what do you enjoy/other interests?

I surf a bit in my free time along with skating. Filming/editing and I don't mind the occasional beer or 3.

29133498_10155580748383246_2164297835078483968_o 29186388_10155580760373246_5612716786295242752_n 29103514_10155580749423246_8106539342844919808_o


Anybody to thanks?

Massive thanks to my sponsors throughout the years I don't know where i'd be without them!

it (1 of 1)
Time to visit Australian overhead shorebreak !

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History of skimboard

French & English versions available within article.

Histoire du skimboard

Le skimboard est un sport de glisse, dérivé du Surf pour la glisse et du Skate pour les manœuvres. Il consiste pour les débutants à glisser sur le bord de l'eau, au dessus de la pellicule d'eau du bord de plage. Mais la véritable pratique consiste à surfer la vague qui brise au bord (shorebreak).



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Genesis - The birth of BATARDUBREAK


Trip Do Brazil 2005 - Album photos - batardubreak

Trip Do Brazil 2005 : Toutes les photos Trip Do Brazil 2005 - batardubreak : Automne 2005, c'est la saison des RIOTS en France... Le jour d'après,...



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En cuisine avec Unamas


Il était une fois un atelier caché derrière un champ de maïs du pays landais...


DSC_1066 copieDSC_1068 copieDSC_1055 copie

DSC_1057 copie


La légende raconte, qu'un être à 3 jambes y mitonnerait des ragouts d'enfants provenant de leur chaire fraichement hachée menu dans le break Grolandais.

Bref, ça, c'est ce qui se colporte dans les salles de prières de la périphérie de BX...
Il parait même que l'imam de Pessac aurait proféré une fatwa contre le vandale Namas...

Si la planche ne fera jamais le rider, Unamas, c'est tout de même plusieurs titres européens à la Foire Agricole de Seignosse grâce  à sa bête de concours guyanaise!

Avec Maître Namas c'est aussi une autre dimension, celles des arts de la table, là où d'autres enfoncent de simples portes.

Artisanal, gastronomique, le shape de Namas c'est comme la paluche d'un maître affineur qui caresse son Salers ; une board qui sèche, c'est comme un bellota-bellota qui pend au bar La Cepa ; quant aux finitions....c'est comme un morceau de Thaïlande en pleine Aquitaine.

Bref, une fois pénétré le pré carré de l'eden Unamas, entre potager, atelier, fourneau, on ne sait plus très bien si le Maître des lieux cuisine, shape, mitonne, polish tellement ça sent bon les bons produits.

Des planches shapées avec amour, décorées comme des sapins de Noël post-hiver nucléaire, et surtout testées dans le break landais. Il n'en fallait pas plus pour que la légende (re)traverse les océans et échoue tel le comeback de la tortue pondeuse sur le rivage de Cabo San Krakoukas.
Juste retour des choses, puisque l'appellation d'origine contrôlée Unamas naquit quelques années plus tôt sur le zinc d'un bar miteux de Baja Sur. L'homme à la poutre d'or y fêtait bruyamment la victoire de son mémorable combat de catch nu amateur au cri de "UNAMAS Teq!!! c'est pas UNAMAScarade ici bande de burritos!?'". Aujourd'hui, Unamas, c'est donc un enfant caché prénommé Bruticus Yannus qui envoie du rabot à 11 000 bornes de l'atelier de Papanamas. Unamas Mexico, c'est quotidiennement un team d'enfants des rues qui envoient du très vilain sur les rampes de Baja Baïkonour.

Bref vous l'aurez compris, chez Unamas on est ni chez les peintres, ni chez les plumeaux donc pas la peine de passer commande si vous vous ne sentez pas l'étoffe d'un héros.


528039_494944897183587_200343096_nUNAMAS 'WORLD
Unamas world

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CABO - Vices City

G20-summit-preparations-008los cabos connardos

A l'heure où le G20 se réunit à Cabo,
notre Yannou national revient sur son installation,
son rêve, ses coups de coeur, ses désillusions
et surtout son pari gagnant de local shaper Unamas.



"Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas, Cabo c’est des plages de sable fin avec des vagues et du soleil tous les jours de l’année. Tu as au moins un spot qui marche parfaitement pour le skim, le surf ou le body à toute heure de la journée. L’eau est transparente, tu as une nature encore préservée : des baleines , des raies manta volantes, des poissons par milliers… (...)Dans mon barrio la police a déjà torturé un de mes potes , a criblé de balles ma voiture et la maison du voisin de mon pote par erreur, elle a assassiné l’oncle d’une copine. La police gère la prostitution, le trafic de drogue, et quand vient Noël, racket pour payer des cadeaux à leur gosses..." To read More


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