"A first place finish from Paulo Prietto in Vilano only widens his lead in the top spot.  Meanwhile Stephen Bradford launches from 18th place to 10th after a solid second place finish.  Grady Archbold manages to place a small buffer between himself and Brad Domke while Sam Stinnett moves into 8th place after only two events skimmed.  Not bad for a 14 year old.  Not bad for anyone. The last east coast event of the year is scheduled for next weekend.  The title is still in play."

1 Paulo Prietto*
2 Grady Archbold*
3 Brad Domke*
4 Morgan Just
5 Brendan Stevens
6 James Lovett
7 Bill Bryan
8 Sam Stinnett
9 Dominic Prietto
10 Steven Bradford
30 Hugo Santos
63 Emanual Embaixador

*Riders venant faire les vendanges en France en septembre...