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"My new stick" , a story by Paulo Prietto,

"Paulo Prietto's 2008 Pro Model from Exile Skimboards is an amazing piece of work.
It comes 5/8 inch thick standard with a glossy coat.  You can change the thickness , colors, and top coat if you want.  All you need to do is ask.  That's it.  I'm riding the 3/4 inch textured deck nowadays, but still love the 5/8 thickness when the conditions are right. 
I'm learning that I can still turn the thing just as quickly as Steve Taylor turns his Subaru so I think I'm sticking with it. 
The dimensions of the board haven't changed this year, but I've been talking with Don Peluso and we may modify it next year. 
Stay tuned...This year's art differs from other years. 
Grady has done my art in the past, but I didn't even try convincing him this year. 
He hates doing my art. 
Fortunately, I'm surrounded by creative people and Derek from ForeverSkim was happy to help me out. 
This year's color combination symbolizes the proverbial yin and yang of my life. 
It has the sexiest green ever that makes girls clothes fall off. 
It will brighten your day and simultaneously make you want to hit the dance floor after your skim sesh. 
It's so freakin fast.  It's like a stealth bomber flying down the line ready to rip your head off. 
It's a good balance of rocker and shape making it a good board in all conditions.
I like it. I like to skim. I like my new black and sexy green board."

Paulo Pee

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