1. Judges drink red wine before and after the heat (for some of them also during the heat)

2. 87% of chance to skim in front of fully naked people

3. 50% of chance to see french skimboarders 'warming up' naked

4. If you got 35 hours of waves during a week, you can be sure that waves will be on strike the week after

5. At every moment a riot is possible…

6. “ Chat-bite” is also the name for a typical French "skim trick"

7. French riders are fluent in many others languages (exceptions are English, Spanish and Portuguese)

8. There is a 75% chance you will make it to the next round if you have 3 frenchies in your heat

9. There is no French expression for "Wrap barrel in & out". For some reason we have never needed to say that...?

10. 3 feet high crappy wave means in French: “ putain 2 mètres gavé glassy”