Sea Dog Skim Challenge Supports Pacific Marine Mammal Center

LAGUNA BEACH, CA -Skimboarders and fans raised over $5,000 to benefit the Pacific Marine Mammal Center at the end of September's SeaDog Skim Challenge. Skimboarding first found its footing on the shores of Laguna Beach in 1976. The sport requires steep, sandy slopes and the shore break, such as can be seen at Victoria Beach, where the sport was invented.


World champion skimboarder to hold contest benefiting rescue work of Pacific Marine Mammal Center

Sam Stinnett has been practicing his skills off Aliso and West Street beaches for more than two decades. In that time, the four-time world champion skimboarder has encountered lots of marine mammals, including sea lions. "They'd come up on the beaches and right up to me," he said Friday, Sept.