Skid kids - Best Wedge in years

he best day at The Wedge in years, and @Ho & Pringle Productions is there! Straight off of a flight from Hawaii, Mason had a very lucky layover in Orange County where he scored a bunch of good waves at The Wedge. Blair Conklin and the many other skimboarders were having a hay day as the waves were super easy to run in to from the beach. Filmed and edited by @andre_magarao on IG Water footage from: @solaglocal on IG

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Back in the streets with a mission of finding new skimboard spots! Not always easy finding that perfect fountain for flatland skimboarding, so enjoy @adrienraza getting creative with what he got! Filming by: @tomhaakman

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60 Seconds with: Tule | Skimboarding in Mexico

A Victoria Skimboards Series | 60 Seconds with: Tule Location: Playa Del Cocos, Mexico In Partnership with X3M Boardshop: https://www.instagram.com/x3mcommx Film and edit by Paddy Mack: https://www.instagram.com/paddymackk


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Skid Kids - How Stationary Wave Form

This wave looks fun but can be sketchy. The rate at which the water is flowing can make it very treacherous for those who try and ride. On top of how dangerous riding the wave can be, the water in this creek often has high bacteria levels and has been known to get people very sick. Filmed and edited by @andre_magarao on IG 

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