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Aerochia LT-1 : The First Flight

LevinMedia — 17 mai 2010 — The LT-1 made its first flight Friday afternoon May 14th, 2010 at Jaquline Cochran Regional Airport in Thermal California. Test Pilot Len Fox was enlisted last minute to make the maiden flight after Darryl Greenamyer was sidelined with a rib injury. Len spent the morning reviewing the aircraft with designer/builder Andy Chiavetta and performing engine runups. After a quick lunch at El Grecko Loco (which definitely did not help settle any pre-flight butterflies) it was back to the field for a fast taxi test, and followed shortly by its first flight. Aerochia would like to extend its sincerest gratitude to Len for making the last minute trek from Oregon for the first flight as well as Penny at Tradition Aviation for giving us the run of hanger A. For more information visit http://www.aerochia-lt1.com

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UST video - Cabo classico

Une video tout à fait sympathique! Mais je crois qu'en remattant nos rush, on a mieux...Plus moche la vie! Y a les stars et au dessus y a BATARDUBREAK!

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Pour un front à Cabo


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Teaser Pacifik Tour

6 videos to come:

-Cabo classico récital
-Cabo sunset margarita session
-Aliso, un jeudi à la plage
-Muchu, leçon de Wraps Wallone
-Visite de courtoisie chez Exile
-Visite de courtoisie chez Victoria

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Muchu par Bodhistyle

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BDB Pacifik Tour 2010 - teaser

Spot: Solmar, Lovers - Cabo San Lucas, Mexique
Gipsy Prietto, Beaker, Jaime, Domke, Muchu, Bernardo, Peluso, Geo, Jack Bedex...

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La nouvelle star : Blair Conklin

Sur Betclic, j'ai tout misé sur ce gamin pour les 10 prochaines années!

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Socal by Gold Shooz

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