Tow In sur un air de Dexter

On the 24th and 25th of July, Southern California was pounded with a massive south swell. 
As most of the attention focused on well known surf spots like The Wedge, Paulo Prietto and Exile decided to find some fun waves right at home. 
At 5:30am Steve Taylor and Paulo launched the Exile Ski at Dana Point Harbor and headed towards South Laguna.  Meanwhile, Aaron Peluso scouted the conditions at several breaks.  Aliso was shaping up the best during the very low tide which made the usually secretive tow session very much more public...

...which was all good as far as we are concerned!

It was a little dumpy and a little closed out but the waves were huge and it was good times for all involved.  Check out the video from the two day session below.   

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A la manoeuvre DartdartMalick au milieu des ordures.

Pics by Remsless

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Jean Claude - Jean Claude, la soirée


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Programmation ESL

1-2 August in Santa Cruz - PORTUGAL:
Local contact: José Costa
Cell: 00351936063121
Download the Press Release


7-8-9 in Hossegor - FRANCE:
Local contact: Hervé Ledoux
Cell: 00 33 6 60 19 64 60
Guests: Tex Haines, Morgan Just & Guy Mauve

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Contest UST ou compète roots aux Philippines,
Brésil ou Chili, mon coeur balance...
Bref, mondialisé, globalisé, que de chemin parcouru depuis les années Bodyboard Air Force.

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BCN en juillet - Xavi se la colle



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Teaser Skim Festival Rio de Janeiro

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ESL - France


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ESL - Portugal


Zé Costa:
"We are proud to present Zap Internacional de Skimboard Santa Cruz, on August 1st and 2nd. This year’s event will be put up by the same team responsible for last year’s competition which had 89 competitors from six different countries."

With the support of Câmara Municipal de Torres Vedras, ManelSport, Billabong, Ceres, ESL, ContaFirme, Pizzaria La Fontana, Batardubreak and ESPN Brasil.

The prize money will be of 5000€ to be shared by the best riders competing on the Open division.
There will be free camping and entertainment for all those coming to this great event.

The competition will be divided in: OPEN and ESCALÕES

Both OPEN and ESCALÕES will be held simultaneously in separate competition areas and judged by a separate set of judges.

In the OPEN : men and women of all ages.
The ESCALÕES category will be divided into the following groups.
Juvenil: Boys under 14.
Júnior: Boys under 18
Seniores: Men over 18 and under 28.
Master: Men over 28.
Feminino: Women of all ages.

The contestants can only enter one of the divisions.
The age divisions will take into consideration the contestants age on the 1st of January 2009.

Entry fees:
OPEN: 40€
All contestants will receive the event’s T-shirt.
Santa Cruz OceanSpirit Music Fest Free-pass.

To the entry fee is added a surplus of 7,5€ if the contestant doesn’t have any kind of sports insurance coverage, this surplus is to pay the contestant’s insurance for this event, in this case all, information regarding the competitor’s identity must be correctly supplied.
Entries can be submitted at the beach in ManelSport’s shack starting from July 23rd.
The entry deadline is at 24:00 of the 31st of July.

Website: santacruzoceanspirit.org

During the whole festival in Manel Sport Shack.
The payment is to be done until 10 am of August 1st.

-CONTACTS: zap.internacional@gmail.com or
José Costa phone no.: 00351936063121

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