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The tour is returning in full force in 2022. We have six stops for the men and three stops for the women.
The TAC Skimblast in Santa Cruz has been re-added to the tour after two-year hiatus. Riders then have two east coast events, the OBX Skim Jam in NC and the Zap Championships in DE. The tour then returns to the west coast for the Vic West in the mecca of skimboarding, Laguna Beach, CA. After that, the tour is going international for the first time since 2017 where riders will flock to Spain for the Intrafalgar Contest held near Cadiz Spain. Finally, the tour will conclude in Newport Beach at Oktoberfest where we will crown the men’s and women’s UST champions.
Let’s get the word out and make 2022 a big one for the UST.


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Blair Conklin Mini Movie

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The Melaque Files /// Episode 1

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Zap Pro/Am World Championships of Skimboarding hit Dewey


Zap Pro/Am World Championships of Skimboarding hit Dewey

The 39th annual Zap Pro/Am World Championships of Skimboarding took place Aug. 13-15 on Bellevue Street in Dewey Beach. Medals and prize bags were awarded to the top four competitors in all amateur divisions. Cash prizes were given to the top six...



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2021 OBX Skim Jam Recap

We had a great time in North Carolina for the 2021 OBX Skim Jam! It was a great turn out and all the competitors were ripping. The future of skimboarding looks bright with lots of youngsters blowing minds. We couldn't have asked for better conditions weather wise all weekend.


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Saint Laurent - le skimboard le plus cher de l'Histoire...


Saint Laurent’s New Skimboard Is the Ultimate Beach Flex



Jean-Michel Basquiat x Saint Laurent RIVE DROITE Collaboration

Saint Laurent's RIVE DROITE imprint has just revealed a collaboration with the estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat. The partnership will bring to life a specially curated exhibition of original works by the artist, as well as a capsule collection.



skimboard Jean-Michel Basquiat | Saint Laurent | YSL.com

Skimboard jean-michel basquiat sur la boutique en ligne officielle Saint laurent france.


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Skid kids - Glassy day At The Wedge



When you score a day at The Wedge when the sun is out, the water is clear, and the waves are this good, you don't ever want to leave. Just when everyone thought the big swell was over there was plenty of more good days in store with much better conditions. Filmed and edited by @andre_magarao on IG

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Skid kids - Treacherous Wedge Waves

When the swell starts building at Wedge there are certain waves that you just don't want to be in the wrong place on. Those who completed rides were the select few heroes of the day. Those who didn't probably woke up the next morning feeling as stiff as an ironing board. As usual we appreciate your continued support of SkidKids! Filming skimboarding and sharing it to the world is my passion and thanks to everyone that watches I am able to keep doing it and continue to spread the stoke. Also a huge thank you to everyone that contributed different angles to make this edit a truly special one. Water angle: @weldon88 Drone: @solaglocal Additional land angle: @jeremywhitneyphoto Filmed and edited by @andre_magarao on IG

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Skid kids - Best Wedge in years

he best day at The Wedge in years, and @Ho & Pringle Productions is there! Straight off of a flight from Hawaii, Mason had a very lucky layover in Orange County where he scored a bunch of good waves at The Wedge. Blair Conklin and the many other skimboarders were having a hay day as the waves were super easy to run in to from the beach. Filmed and edited by @andre_magarao on IG Water footage from: @solaglocal on IG

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Back in the streets with a mission of finding new skimboard spots! Not always easy finding that perfect fountain for flatland skimboarding, so enjoy @adrienraza getting creative with what he got! Filming by: @tomhaakman

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