60 Seconds with: Tule | Skimboarding in Mexico

A Victoria Skimboards Series | 60 Seconds with: Tule Location: Playa Del Cocos, Mexico In Partnership with X3M Boardshop: https://www.instagram.com/x3mcommx Film and edit by Paddy Mack: https://www.instagram.com/paddymackk


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Skid Kids - How Stationary Wave Form

This wave looks fun but can be sketchy. The rate at which the water is flowing can make it very treacherous for those who try and ride. On top of how dangerous riding the wave can be, the water in this creek often has high bacteria levels and has been known to get people very sick. Filmed and edited by @andre_magarao on IG 

Skimboards: https: //exileskimboards.com/ Traction Pads: https ://www.letsparty.co/ Surfboards: https://catchsurf.com/ Boog Skim: https://catchsurf.com/collections/tea... Mini Skimboards: https: //doinkerdecks.com/

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Italo Ferreira skimming with Brad Domke

italo ferreira skimming

italo ferreira brad domke skim 1

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The crew ventured out to Nijmegen, the Netherlands to skimboard at the legendary Waalhalla Skatepark! The awesome people at Waalhalla invited us for session on their skatepark cleaning day. We ended up covering the entire park with a perfect layer of water for some flatland skimboarding fun! Huge shoutouts to Waalhalla for doing the 'never been done'! https://waalhalla-centrum.nl/skatepar... Filming by: @thysrentier & @ruhbain_blindside

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Sol nascendo com condições perfeitas para #skimboard no Posto 8 de Ipanema ------ Sunrise with perfect conditions to skimboard in Posto 8 in Ipanema beach Riders: Lucas Fink Lucas Gomes "Caco" Pedro Sias Filmed and edited By: Bruno Salgado Rodrigues @brunosalgadorodrigues

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Uma session de skimboard em Niterói. One skim session in Niterói, the city next to Rio de Janeiro. Filmed and edited by: @BrunoSalgadoRodrigues curte comenta compartilha se inscreve, aquelasss coisas que você já sabe! Mais vídeos por vir... like comment share and subscribe, you already knowww it. More videos to come...

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Second day of winter skimboarding with Adrien Raza, Thijs Rentier and Tom Haakman. The boys ventured around Utrecht and Rotterdam for a whole day of fun! Drone shots by: @dali_moerings

Follow me:► INSTAGRAM: @adrienraza

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Brad Domke at JAWS 2021

Brad Domke gets towed into a steep bomb at Pe'ahi, aka JAWS on January 16, 2021 ⚡️ Brad has paddle surfed Pe'ahi before and on this session made an amazing barrel on a normal board https://youtu.be/4qPBOkAKb9E

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Skid kids - Rare wedge with Domke

When the Wedge at Aliso starts to work you know that it is go time because it usually has a very short window for when all the conditions align. Brad Bomke and Blair Conklin lucked out with a good window of waves with minimal crowds. Filmed and edited by @andre_magarao on IG

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Lincas Fink skimboarding Portugal

3 session from my last trip to Portugal (December 2020) filmed and edited by the legend WAY PT! Hope you enjoy this compilation 1st spot - Skimming in São Pedro do Estoril 2nd spot - Skimming in Algodio - Ericeira 3rd spot - Skurfing in Coxos - Ericeira

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