BEEFS TV - Skimming into CLEAN wedges & Blair Conklin pulls new FLIP trick

World Champion skimboarders Blair Conklin and George Bryan rip into some clean little wedges along with other shredder skimmers. Plus Blair pulls off first skimboarding finger flip transfer! Kalani Robb also tries his hand at skimboarding. AGAIN....

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BEEFS TV - River Break forms glassy FREAK WAVES and skim WEDGE

Natural river break forms the most beautiful and extremely glassy waves I have ever seen! Mini madness!!! Blair Conklin scores the best finger board surfing waves ever witnessed plus top professional skimboarders shred the mecca skim wedge!

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BEEFS TV - INSANE rides at Laguna WEDGE

Pro Skimboarders Brad Domke, George Bryan, Timmy Gamboa, Gary Abdulla, Patty Mack, Paulo Prietto, Johnny Weber, Blair Conklin, Matteo Mesicinas, Skylar Wilson, Nate Flanagin, Kelly Sobol, Paul Carey and more pull off insane rides in pristine perfect wedge waves! All footage filmed in one session during a hot summer day in August 2020. Enjoy skim dogs!

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Surfing PERFECT river wave and GNARLY skim wedge

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