Skid Kids avec Adrian Raza

@Adrien Raza Visits California and we take him to the heaviest skimboarding wave around, The Wedge. As a 4X European Flatland Skimboarder, he had never experienced riding waves like these. With that being said, he is also not one to hold back when given the opportunity to charge. We learned that on day 1 when he started running for the set of the day with no look of hesitation in his eyes. Be sure to check out his channel for a totally different style of skimboarding.

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Blair Conklin Mini Movie

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Skid kids - Treacherous Wedge Waves

When the swell starts building at Wedge there are certain waves that you just don't want to be in the wrong place on. Those who completed rides were the select few heroes of the day. Those who didn't probably woke up the next morning feeling as stiff as an ironing board. As usual we appreciate your continued support of SkidKids! Filming skimboarding and sharing it to the world is my passion and thanks to everyone that watches I am able to keep doing it and continue to spread the stoke. Also a huge thank you to everyone that contributed different angles to make this edit a truly special one. Water angle: @weldon88 Drone: @solaglocal Additional land angle: @jeremywhitneyphoto Filmed and edited by @andre_magarao on IG

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From surfing Manhattan pier and doing headstands to surfing California’s best Secret wave in Newport! We did it all definitely loving California thank you guys for your continued support! Just remember stay psyched

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Skid Kids - How Stationary Wave Form

This wave looks fun but can be sketchy. The rate at which the water is flowing can make it very treacherous for those who try and ride. On top of how dangerous riding the wave can be, the water in this creek often has high bacteria levels and has been known to get people very sick. Filmed and edited by @andre_magarao on IG 

Skimboards: https: //exileskimboards.com/ Traction Pads: https ://www.letsparty.co/ Surfboards: https://catchsurf.com/ Boog Skim: https://catchsurf.com/collections/tea... Mini Skimboards: https: //doinkerdecks.com/

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Skid kids - Rare wedge with Domke

When the Wedge at Aliso starts to work you know that it is go time because it usually has a very short window for when all the conditions align. Brad Bomke and Blair Conklin lucked out with a good window of waves with minimal crowds. Filmed and edited by @andre_magarao on IG

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Skid kids - Skimboarding over rocks

In this session we skim with @johnnywebergrills and @indogramog at a Beach that rarely gets this good for skimboarding. I have frequented this beach many times and have never seen it this good for skimboarding before. Filmed and edited by @andre_magarao on IG

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Skid kids - Best wave of my life?

This day almost led to the best waves I have ridden on my skimboard. The conditions were as good as they get. In many cases I was running as fast as I could in order to reach the waves that I wanted. It would be very easy to just paddle in to the waves on a surfboard but the likelihood of you being in the right spot to catch the wave is greater when you can run around on the beach. Filmed and edited by @andre_magarao on IG

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We were told skimboarding is opposite from longboarding, and we still tried... (and failed!) Watch 3 time World Champion Skimboarder, Blair Conklin, try to teach us girls how to skimboard! - Cohen Sister Recipes: https://cohensistersrecipes.weebly.co... - Sashka Sisters!: https://lddy.no/q3pv - Blair's YT Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ5k...

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Skid kids - The Perfect Shorebreak for Skimboarding: What Professional Skimboarders Dream of

When Aliso beach gets this good for Skimboarding you can expect to see some of the best pros come out of the woodworks. October was a phenomenal month to be a skimboarder in Laguna Beach. Good weather paired with awesome waves seemed to be never ending. Skimboarders: @Austinkeen @warrdo @brandon_c_sears Filmed and edited by @andre_magarao on IG

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