Skimboarding WEDGE on big HIGH TIDE - July 2022

Surfing and skimboarding the Wedge at the start of summer 2022. World Champion Skimboarder Lucas Fink along with Chad Wadsworth trade off shredding skims while surfers and bodyboarders go shorebreak warrior mode. Then a little in water POV coverage and finally a few bonus clips of Kalani and Scott Shimoda getting loose on 54 Specials!

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Skid Kids avec Adrian Raza

@Adrien Raza Visits California and we take him to the heaviest skimboarding wave around, The Wedge. As a 4X European Flatland Skimboarder, he had never experienced riding waves like these. With that being said, he is also not one to hold back when given the opportunity to charge. We learned that on day 1 when he started running for the set of the day with no look of hesitation in his eyes. Be sure to check out his channel for a totally different style of skimboarding.

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Orange County souillé


Marée noire en Californie : un désastre écologique irréversible - Surf-Report

Ce week-end, les côtes de Californie du sud ont connu une nouvelle marée noire dramatique. Alors quen juillet dernier létat américain a connu lincendie le plus dévastateur de son histoire - 190 000 hectares de territoire ont brûlé dans le nord de la Californie - cest maintenant son littoral qui est ...



Laguna Beach closes city beaches as oil slick comes ashore - Laguna Beach Local News

Laguna Beach closed all city beaches Sunday night as officials braced for oil to come ashore from a 13-square-mile oil slick, according to a city press release. A sheen created by a spill of at least 126,000 gallons from an oil pipeline was floating about half a mile off Laguna Beach by Sunday night, Mayor Bob Whalen said.



Laguna Beach awaits oil at beaches, marine protected areas in limbo

LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. - It's one of the most beautiful - yet saddest days in Laguna Beach for Locals for Laguna Beach founder Jason Garza as he watches the waves roll in on a desolate shoreline outside the Surf and Sand Resort. "Immaculate conditions and not a soul in sight," Garza said.


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Skid Kids - Oktoberfest 2021

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From surfing Manhattan pier and doing headstands to surfing California’s best Secret wave in Newport! We did it all definitely loving California thank you guys for your continued support! Just remember stay psyched

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Skid kids - Best Wedge in years

he best day at The Wedge in years, and @Ho & Pringle Productions is there! Straight off of a flight from Hawaii, Mason had a very lucky layover in Orange County where he scored a bunch of good waves at The Wedge. Blair Conklin and the many other skimboarders were having a hay day as the waves were super easy to run in to from the beach. Filmed and edited by @andre_magarao on IG Water footage from: @solaglocal on IG

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Austin Keen - Morning siders

We were skimboarding siders while A couple geniuses figure out how to get their truck unstuck out of the sand. My Website: https://austinkeen.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/austinkeen/ TikTok: @Austin_Keen Produced by Jake Lamons - https://www.jakelamons.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jakelamons/ Gopro Shot by Greg Instagram: @solaglocal YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiyP...

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Skid kids - Skimboarding over rocks

In this session we skim with @johnnywebergrills and @indogramog at a Beach that rarely gets this good for skimboarding. I have frequented this beach many times and have never seen it this good for skimboarding before. Filmed and edited by @andre_magarao on IG

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Skid kids - Best wave of my life?

This day almost led to the best waves I have ridden on my skimboard. The conditions were as good as they get. In many cases I was running as fast as I could in order to reach the waves that I wanted. It would be very easy to just paddle in to the waves on a surfboard but the likelihood of you being in the right spot to catch the wave is greater when you can run around on the beach. Filmed and edited by @andre_magarao on IG

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BEEFS TV - Skimming into CLEAN wedges & Blair Conklin pulls new FLIP trick

World Champion skimboarders Blair Conklin and George Bryan rip into some clean little wedges along with other shredder skimmers. Plus Blair pulls off first skimboarding finger flip transfer! Kalani Robb also tries his hand at skimboarding. AGAIN....

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