Internacional SKIMBOARD - Ocean Spirit 2022

INTERNACIONAL #SKIMBOARD es uno de los campeonatos más importantes de EUROPA, pertenece al Festival OCEAN SPIRIT y se realiza en la playa de SANTA CRUZ en #portugal🇵🇹▶️ El skimboard español cada vez esta creciendo más después de varios años sin eventos aqui por fin vuelve el OCEAN SPIRIT, esperemos que sigan creando este tipo de eventos en el futuro para que continue la divulgación del #skimboarding Espero que os guste el video y nos vemos en siguientes CHAO CHAO CHAO 🏆 FELICIDADES a los Ganadores ➡️ 🥇Javi Sola 🥇Isabel Blanco🏆Hugo Santos

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UST 2022 lands in Spain



UST - Campeonato Internacional de Skimboard creado en el Sur de España, Faro Trafalgar 📌10 / 11 SEPTIEMBRE 2022 

All details HERE


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Mixed Oct sessions Carcavelos



























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SKIM THE WORLD : Olivier Harrault


heytor Torres batardubreak



WHO: Olivier Harrault

Nickname: Groovy

Age: 42

Homespot: Cap-Ferret



Sponsor: No one but I can accept support for my next "apéro party" or for my next projects ;) 


credit Rems

How, when and where did you start skimboarding?

I started skimboarding when I was sixteen! I was at the beach with my father and I saw a skimboarder sliding along the shore and riding waves (just imagine what skimboarding looked like in 1990 in France…). I felt in love with the sport ! It is as simple as that! 

Collector - When Olivier was riding for legendary French brand EDEN. Check out his little 90's moustach.
Credit : Batardubreak


Who’s your skimcrew?

Old guys but no one can walk anymore :)

Olivier between young Alex Marette and old gen star Hervé Ledoux

Favorites spots:

Hossegor, Cap ferret, some beaches in Portugal and Laguna Beach ! 

Axel Cristol at Cap Ferret -  credit Groovy

Alex Marette at Hossegor - credit Groovy


Why Cap Ferret? Because why not! credit Groovy

Could you tell us more on your local skim scene?

Do I really have to present Cap Ferret ? Cap Ferret has been for years one of the best spots in France …. at least to me ! We were a crew of twenty skimboarders maybe more sometimes … The beach was ours, this wave was so crazy. Now the beach is closed so when I want to shoot Axel Cristol we have to move on other beaches ! There are plenty of good spots on the French coast : La Courance, Biarritz, Hossegor, La Tranche, Saint Jean de Luz and San Sebastian at the Spanish border.

Olivier still on tracks at Cap Ferret

Olivier down the line



If I say “skimquest”, what does it mean to you?
One of the first skim video I’ve seen ! The first one was  « Skim it » I still can’t forget it. It was recorded on an old VHS and I watched it so many times that the magnetic tape broke. It was so hard to find skim videos back then...



Who is/are your Skim idol(s) and why?

Chris Henderson, Nick Hernandez, Tex haines, Bill and Georges Bryan, Kanai Sharsh, Paulo Prietto, Aaron Peluso, Steve Taylor … All those legends made the sport as we know it! They have built our history! Nowadays, I’m a big big fan of Axel Cristol, Blair Conklin, Brad Domke and Johnny Weber … Those guys are simply awesome!

Olivier shooting Axel kissing the Cap Ferret green room - credit Groovy


What is your best skim memory?

I personally have two best memories. The first one is obviously my first trip to Laguna Beach in 1995. I broke my ankle the first day on a huge wave of 25 cm... Anyway, I spent one of the best trip of my life meeting all the legends I was dreaming about. And the second one is my trip to Cabo with my best friends in 2006. We spent one month of complete craziness. 

Olivier shooting unknown at Aliso- credit Groovy


Olivier shooting Paulo Prietto - California - credit Groovy

Where would you go to skim?

I’m waiting to go back to Laguna because I really want to shoot Blair and Johnny Weber! I also want to shoot in Spain, Portugal, Australia and New Zealand ! I’d like to shoot a skim moovie with some of the best riders in the world in those places … something in the spirit of the first video I watched « SKIM IT » almost 30 years after. I would also like to make little portraits of different riders who are mostly under the radar. They are a lot of riders out there who deserve it!


How do you imagine the future of skimboarding?

As fun as it is right now … a big family with more rippers ;) 

surf session magazine
Collector, back in the days - Olivier's interview in Surf Session French Printed Magazine - early 2000's
Credit : Batardubreak


Besides skimboarding, what do you enjoy?

Filming :) and having fun with families and friends ! 

THE DARK SIDE from Groovy Baby 

BREATHE from Groovy Baby 

SUMMER VIBES from Groovy Baby 

Feel Good from Groovy Baby 



Anybody to thanks?

My family for having supporting me when I was a kid with no car and for supporting me no matter what I wanted to do ! All my friends and all the people who inspired me every days !

Crédit REMS
In front and behind the lens


french magazine
Collector early 2000's - Olivier teaching how to skim in a French mainstream printed magazine
Credit : Batardubreak

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Solecito primaveral


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Résultat de la 3ème étape de la Coupe de France


Résultat de la 3ème étape de la Coupe de France : 1er Axel Cristol, 2ème Mat Le Guen, 3ème Benjamin Sandré et 4 ème Bastien Corneil. Mat Le Guen est le vainqueur au classement général de la Coupe de France ! #skimboard #skimtour #skimevolution


Report de la 3ème étape de la Coupe de France 2017

L'ultime étape de la Coupe de France de Skimboard était organisée le week-end dernier (14 et 15 Octobre) par le club aquitain Skim'Evolution et la Fédération Française de Surf. Cette année, c'est le spot d'Ilbarritz à Bidart qui avait été choisi.



Compte-rendu de la 3ème étape de la Coupe de France 2017

L'ultime étape de la Coupe de France de Skimboard était organisée le week-end dernier (14 et 15 Octobre) par le club aquitain Skim'Evolution et la Fédération Française de Surf. Cette année, c'est le spot d'Ilbarritz à Bidart qui avait été choisi.



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Blue machine


Axel at Home - Credits unknown


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Rskim catalog 2016

RS skim catalogue

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Invierno Calido en la Costa de Cádiz

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