SKIM THE WORLD : Julia Santos Dias

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WHO: Julia Santos Machim Sosa Dias

Age: 15

Homespot: Sununga          


Sponsors: Federal Art, Skim Paradise, Lets Party traction


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How, when and where did you start skimboarding?

I started skimboarding because of the influence of my uncles. They used to practice and I fell in love with it. I was 7 years old when I first tried at Sununga beach.

Uncles connection


Who’s your skimcrew?

The monsters skimboarding at Sununga: Renato Lima, Leandro Azevedo, Jacks Rodrigues, Rodrigo( Noturno )...

 95872127_o IMG_7234 10968366_10205004962217076_3362607143354232993_n



Favorite spot:

Sununga for sure!

109545484_o 96051146_o IMG_7224


Could you tell us more on your local skim scene?

Sununga is a beach located in Ubatuba, Brazil, and it's one of the best skimboard places in the world. It's famous for its sider, that allows to ride the entire beach in one single wave! It's also famous for the beauty of the place and the kindness of the locals. Every skimboarder in the world dreams of coming to Sununga and it's my little piece of heaven! 





 If I say “skimquest”, what does it mean to you?

I dont know sorry...

eg. We will show an old VHS to Julia...



Who is your Skim idol and why?

My idol is local skimboarder Renato Lima who is considered one of the best in the world, he is a monster. I grew up seeing him do things, I thought impossible. Renato is also a really nice and friendlly guy. He is definitely my inspiration.


Sharing a wave with idol Renato Lima


What is your best skim memory?

My best memory is when I went to Angola for a contest with riders from sununga, and people from all over the world. I was invited by Kalemba Skim, a social group who organizes and helps the development of skimboard in Angola. I met so many people there and it was the best time of my life !


Angola - Kalemba vibes



Where would you go to skim?

Cabo San Lucas, the Wedge and Aliso 




How do you imagine the future of skimboarding?

I imagine that it will become a well recognised sport with lot of support. 



Besides skimboarding, what do you enjoy?

I like to surf and play soccer. My dream is to one day paragliding or hang gliding. 



Anybody to thanks?

I would like to thank my family for all the support, and also Federal art, Lets party traction and Skim Paradise for believing in my potential.


Julia rides Sununga better than you!


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Girls wanna have fun - Sophia & Julia


30592891_359157647904624_2759828890716209152_nsequence 2sequence 3sequence 4sequence 5

 credits: @whyterabyte






credits: Linda Fidelis


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Julia Santos Dias - Sununga

La petite Julia de Sununga est entrain de scotcher plus d'un rider sur son homespot!

On prend les paris que dans 2 ans, elle ira titiller les boyz sur l'UST Sununga...

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