Replay Riding Zone - Brad Domke

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The 42nd Annual VIC (2018)

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A Day at Arriba



Back to May days...

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SKIM THE WORLD : Olivier Harrault


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WHO: Olivier Harrault

Nickname: Groovy

Age: 42

Homespot: Cap-Ferret



Sponsor: No one but I can accept support for my next "apéro party" or for my next projects ;) 


credit Rems

How, when and where did you start skimboarding?

I started skimboarding when I was sixteen! I was at the beach with my father and I saw a skimboarder sliding along the shore and riding waves (just imagine what skimboarding looked like in 1990 in France…). I felt in love with the sport ! It is as simple as that! 

Collector - When Olivier was riding for legendary French brand EDEN. Check out his little 90's moustach.
Credit : Batardubreak


Who’s your skimcrew?

Old guys but no one can walk anymore :)

Olivier between young Alex Marette and old gen star Hervé Ledoux

Favorites spots:

Hossegor, Cap ferret, some beaches in Portugal and Laguna Beach ! 

Axel Cristol at Cap Ferret -  credit Groovy

Alex Marette at Hossegor - credit Groovy


Why Cap Ferret? Because why not! credit Groovy

Could you tell us more on your local skim scene?

Do I really have to present Cap Ferret ? Cap Ferret has been for years one of the best spots in France …. at least to me ! We were a crew of twenty skimboarders maybe more sometimes … The beach was ours, this wave was so crazy. Now the beach is closed so when I want to shoot Axel Cristol we have to move on other beaches ! There are plenty of good spots on the French coast : La Courance, Biarritz, Hossegor, La Tranche, Saint Jean de Luz and San Sebastian at the Spanish border.

Olivier still on tracks at Cap Ferret

Olivier down the line



If I say “skimquest”, what does it mean to you?
One of the first skim video I’ve seen ! The first one was  « Skim it » I still can’t forget it. It was recorded on an old VHS and I watched it so many times that the magnetic tape broke. It was so hard to find skim videos back then...



Who is/are your Skim idol(s) and why?

Chris Henderson, Nick Hernandez, Tex haines, Bill and Georges Bryan, Kanai Sharsh, Paulo Prietto, Aaron Peluso, Steve Taylor … All those legends made the sport as we know it! They have built our history! Nowadays, I’m a big big fan of Axel Cristol, Blair Conklin, Brad Domke and Johnny Weber … Those guys are simply awesome!

Olivier shooting Axel kissing the Cap Ferret green room - credit Groovy


What is your best skim memory?

I personally have two best memories. The first one is obviously my first trip to Laguna Beach in 1995. I broke my ankle the first day on a huge wave of 25 cm... Anyway, I spent one of the best trip of my life meeting all the legends I was dreaming about. And the second one is my trip to Cabo with my best friends in 2006. We spent one month of complete craziness. 

Olivier shooting unknown at Aliso- credit Groovy


Olivier shooting Paulo Prietto - California - credit Groovy

Where would you go to skim?

I’m waiting to go back to Laguna because I really want to shoot Blair and Johnny Weber! I also want to shoot in Spain, Portugal, Australia and New Zealand ! I’d like to shoot a skim moovie with some of the best riders in the world in those places … something in the spirit of the first video I watched « SKIM IT » almost 30 years after. I would also like to make little portraits of different riders who are mostly under the radar. They are a lot of riders out there who deserve it!


How do you imagine the future of skimboarding?

As fun as it is right now … a big family with more rippers ;) 

surf session magazine
Collector, back in the days - Olivier's interview in Surf Session French Printed Magazine - early 2000's
Credit : Batardubreak


Besides skimboarding, what do you enjoy?

Filming :) and having fun with families and friends ! 

THE DARK SIDE from Groovy Baby 

BREATHE from Groovy Baby 

SUMMER VIBES from Groovy Baby 

Feel Good from Groovy Baby 



Anybody to thanks?

My family for having supporting me when I was a kid with no car and for supporting me no matter what I wanted to do ! All my friends and all the people who inspired me every days !

Crédit REMS
In front and behind the lens


french magazine
Collector early 2000's - Olivier teaching how to skim in a French mainstream printed magazine
Credit : Batardubreak

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Johnny Pulco chez Bartecrotte



credits: Groovy Baby

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Introducing the Blairacuda

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THE DOMKE SHOW Ep.1 - Secret Wave SUPER Session + EPIC Seafood Feast

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Photo par 📸 @acidskim


📸 @harley2gnarly

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