Ceylon Express

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Batardubreak - Ceylon Express

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Meanwhile in India...


Salty Vibez making History...

29415996_128118614697117_3329803323279671296_n salty in India


30726429_10211218265442082_4259561642962769775_n 30726422_10211218264802066_8291868320966260467_n

  credits: @nahdinella


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Solecito primaveral


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SKIM THE WORLD : Kim Jae Hyung



Who: Kim Jae Hyung

 Nickname: Frank

Age: 27

Homespot: SongJeong Beach in Busan


Sponsors : Exile skimboards, Let’s Party traction





How, when and where did you start skimboarding? 

I started skimboard in 2014. I wanted to surf but the surfboard was too big for me. So, what I found was a skimboard. 


Who’s your skimcrew?

PRINCE (JCKC) from Aliveskim. 
Aliveskim is the first skimboard shop in South Korea! We also give skim lessons.


29547475_1762872813777116_1494843503_n 17951456_1432987610098973_5741429880834214164_n
 In front of the shop

Favorite spot: 

10th Street 

Invading 10st


Could you tell us more on your local skim scene? 

In South Korea, skimboard is small. Actually, more people are learning surfing...When I started in 2014 there was only about 20 skimboarders, but now there is more than 100 riders. Korea has a great coast, but we use to have a very cold winter. I live in the Busan area and during winter the temp is around 0-5 degrees celcius.  Hopefully, the number of people coming in winter is increasing a bit. 

If I say “skimquest”, what does it mean to you?

For me, 'skimboard' is life. When I skim, I'm in another dimension, very far away from my daily job...


 life_2 life_4 life_3
Frank's dimension

Who is/are your Skim idol(s) and why?

Obviously there is a lot of good riders but if I have to name one, it would be Paulo Prietto!
I still remember when he though me to skim in Cali three years ago. What an amazing good time!

What is your best skim memory?

My two months skimtrip in Brasil! I cruised a lot with Lucas gomes, and I met many people and skimboarders. I'm very gratefull to Lucas! It was also a great honor to meet the Sununga Crew!

12345398_10153298754157636_5926785246085398669_n  29340822_1762879093776488_2107263981_n 12552751_1023505454380526_7358022201043298548_n


Where would you go to skim?

In front of my house at Songjeong Beach.

Songjeong Beach

How do you imagine the future of skimboarding?

Skimboard is a great sport and has a lot of opportunities! You can easily ride waves, flat and even indoor. It's also easy to carry. In 10 years it will be as appreciated as surfing.



Besides skimboarding, what do you enjoy/other interests?

Skateboarding and Surfskateboarding!

Anybody to thanks?

I would like to thank our ALIVESKIM TEAM who always supports us.  I wish to all skimboarders around the world to have fun and safe skimboarding! Special thanks to JEJE!!!

With Blair Conklin and Jeje 


Korean missile

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Banana split



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Paye ta connection



credits: Linda Fidelis

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Classic Beaker at Wedge


 credits : Tyler B


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SKIM THE WORLD : Jake McIntosh


portrait Jake


Who: Jake McIntosh 

Nickname: J-man 

Age: 24

Homespot: Grange, South Australia 



 Sponsors : Throwdown skimdustries - Derevko wetsuits - Owner @ CUT//CULTURE 


29104078_10155580747408246_1306300404564230144_oJ Man and Friends

 J-Man charging + friends


How, when and where did you start skimboarding? 

I first got introduced to skimming when I would have been around 10... I grew up on the beach, everyday after school as far as i can remember I was down there with the family. One day I was down there sliding back and forth along the shore on a bodyboard and came across a bunch of older guys that were on wooden skimboards. These guys showed me the sport and had me frothing from the first slide (GSC haha) 14 years later now and not much has changed.


Who’s your skimcrew? None, I majority of the time ride solo!

nzd (1 of 1)

OZ power


Favorites spots ? Jesus this is a hard question! 

Within Australia Shatters, Batters, Butlers 

Outside of Australia: 

Solmar/ Lovers, Cabo San Lucas, MEX

Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

Aliso, Laguna beach, California 

Newest love is Spot X, New Zealand

 Australian Delight...


Could you tell us more on your local skim scene? 

My local wave and skim scene is pretty much non-existent. Our waves for majority of the time is very average. In saying this travelling 3-4 hours away from home lands you in some of the best skimboarding waves in Australia! The closest comparison to it would be Cabo minus the iguanas and cold beers you can get on the beach. The wave we have is a cold water slab. 'Shatters' being the wedge and 'Batters' being a wrap. It's super consistent. as long as the wind blows SE theres a good chance you will get waves there.


If I say “skimquest”, what does it mean to you?

Hunt for waves? Sign me up.

29133787_10155580746128246_7047950734695858176_o srilanka (1 of 1)
Trip to Sri Lanka


Who is/are your Skim idol(s) and why?

I would say my biggest idol in the skim world growing up would have to be Brad Domke hands down. Growing up with youtube as my biggest influence his style and finesse on a board always blew my mind. Of course you can't go past the OG's; Grady Archbold, George Bryan, Paulo Prietto, Brandon Sears, Bill Bryan the list goes on! 

11 (1 of 1)-2
J-Man wrapping like his idols



What is your best skim memory?

My most recent trip to New Zealand to be honest. I had no expectations and ended up getting shown a wave that has the potential of being world class.



Where would you go to skim?

I really love the idea of getting waves that have never been hit before! its always rad to see locals buzz out when they see a skimboard. So answering that question i guess anywhere with 'potential'. 

13 (1 of 1)29177311_10155580751498246_5613091002500775936_o


How do you imagine the future of skimboarding?

I hope to see skimboarding continue in the direction of where its going now. The skimboarding community is the most welcoming and best in any sport i know of. There is not many sports where you can link up with riders on the otherside of the world and get shown waves, welcomed with open arms. Competition wise it would be good to see bigger sponsors get onboard and the whole sport progress where top riders can make a good living from skimboarding.


Besides skimboarding, what do you enjoy/other interests?

I surf a bit in my free time along with skating. Filming/editing and I don't mind the occasional beer or 3.

29133498_10155580748383246_2164297835078483968_o 29186388_10155580760373246_5612716786295242752_n 29103514_10155580749423246_8106539342844919808_o


Anybody to thanks?

Massive thanks to my sponsors throughout the years I don't know where i'd be without them!

it (1 of 1)
Time to visit Australian overhead shorebreak !

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Bientôt le retour de Pépino

axel ferret


Axel Cap Ferret - credits: Groovy Baby

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