Best skimboard competition in History

"I attended my first skimboard contest back in the early 1980′s.  Since that time I have attended hundreds of skimboarding events over 25+ years.  West coast events, east coast events, international events…  I have seen a lot of competitions.  In all that time, I have never seen anything quite as awesome as the 2013 Sununga competition.  In my opinion, it was hands down the best skimboard competition in history" said Aaron Peluso


Pics and story: HERE

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Cabo 2012 le report

Notre père, frère, ami et serviteur la Peloose se colle au CR de la réunionite du séminaire UST de Los Cabos.

blairle coquin


By Aaron Peluso

2011 UST champ Sam Stinnett started off the 2012 season right by taking the top spot at stop #1 on the 2012 UST Tour. For the first time ever the contest took all three days of the waiting period to run as the wind in Cabo this year was unusually strong. Heats ran in the first few hours each morning before the wind got too strong and it was a huge benefit to have all three days to work with. Conditions during the competition were actually quite good as you can see from the photos. The waves were not huge but head high waves were semi abundant and perfect waist high waves were everywhere...Click here to read more

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