What’s Ten Question Tuesdays?

Ten Question Tuesdays is a new blog feature on Skim Invasion. Every Tuesday a new interview will be posted from one of the people on each month’s selection. Skimboarders can submit questions to Skim Invasion (see below) to ask the selection. You can also submit suggestions on who you would like to see on Ten Question Tuesdays.

October’s Selection

Jesse Lash :: NCSA Founder/President
Adam Hayward: Foreverskim/Travel Logs Photographer and Writer
Derek Makekau :: Foeverskim Editor/Founder

November’s Selection

Paulo Prietto :: Professional Skimboarder
Bob Smetts :: Owner/Founder of Zap Skimboards
“Bernardo”  :: Batardubreak Co-Founder
Tad Mask :: Foreverskim/Travel Logs Writer and Photographer

Ten questions LINK